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Durdle Door
Durdle Door Durdle Door

This gateway to England in Dorset,
Complete, it will never be whole
For flowing right through both the air and the sea
The Nations own voice and our Islands true soul.

So solid and sculpted and  rugged
The breath through its mouth is in awe
Resisting the crashing of waves at its feet
And yet always a welcoming door

So typically British it smiles in the rain
Its humour, a stoic, rock feather
Eccentric, it puts on it’s gardener’s hat
There’s never the wrong kind of weather!

In sunshine, still shining,  from dusk until dawn,
And daily it drinks the sea har
Sincerely it asks where you’re going
And whether you’ve really come far! 

Yes, sail past this monument carved in our shore
Explore every crevice and etching
Those wise, aged wrinkles adorning its face
Politely enquire who you’re sketching. 

As if whispering facts could be fiction it spoke:
“I saw Nelson sail forth, and Drake and young Cook.
They were all such beginners at first.
Their signature waves in my visitors book.
Adventurous, daring, they had such a thirst
They tied ‘why not’ in ropes and just went for a look." 

The Arm of Durdle Door rock, Dorset (England), dives into the green sea in the middle ground from left to centre, as the sun sets behind the cove to the right, lighting up the dark, purple clouds with orange, yellow and pink light. In the Foreground the sea waves crash onto the pebbled beach, throwing up a spray into the air. The Middle Sea reflects the Sunset light and colours, channeling the light towards us.

The Arm of Durdle Door rock, Dorset (England). 'Durdle' is derived from the Old English thirl, meaning to pierce, bore or drill, which in turn derives from thyrel, meaning hole.
Durdle door  is one of the Jurassic Coast’s most iconic landscapes. It is a natural arch, formed from a layer of hard limestone standing almost vertically out of the sea.

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Durdle Door
Dimensions :
131 cm x 93 cm (Incl. frame)
Date & Material :
Oil on Canvas

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