Brilliant Brushstrokes

Quiraing, Isle of Skye
Quiraing, Isle of Skye
Material :
Oil on Canvas
Dimensions :
76 cm x 104 cm (Incl. frame)

Storr Lochs: those eyes that gaze
at sparkles over Skye
The Old Man knocks, then to amaze
takes swigs of peaty rye.

The Needle’s in the ridge, you’ll find
The riddling pinnacle
Fresh air to breathe has been designed
Sanctuary from the cynical

The Prison of the Trotternish
Three points for driving fast
The summit good behaviour dish
The meal while daylights last

See all you want and all you can
Up Staffin to Uig Rad
The largest known landslide clan
The giant Norse Man Dad

The Sunshine Seat of Clan MacLeod
The Brownie shy Hobgoblin
For Fairy pools the quiet crowd
Seeks pathways clunk with cobbling.

Seascape, Cefn Sidan, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Seascape, Cefn Sidan, Carmarthenshire, Wales
Material :
Oil on Canvas
Dimensions :
75 cm x 106 cm (Incl. frame)

Mesmerising, lapping waves 
Going out or coming in 
First whetting and then sating
As the sigh bursts with a grin 

Sunshine setting, colours blaze
Reflecting on the sea
A day well spent while thinking
Over coloured, herbal tea

Those crested horses gallop in
Or cantering away
The clear blue sky receding
Into fifty shades of grey

This bright and brilliant evening
Holding hands twixt girl and boy
This bonding of our nature
A kaleidoscope of joy

This setting on our empire
Yes, our individual world;
A beautiful reminder.
Knees up, arms round them curled

This day has been, and glorious
A wonder to behold
The smiling optimism
For the future to unfold.

It is forever pretty. 
Forever it makes sense
Euphoric waves and gentle tides
Of wonder so immense.

I’m happy here to watch the sun
Go out and tide come in
The colours of my many thoughts
And nature’s constant spin.


‘Brilliant Brushstrokes’ exhibits wonderful Paintings which epitomise Great British Art. The Paintings capture the brilliant light and colour of stunning Landscapes and Seascapes, with Animals and Birds and an array of Portraits and “Conversation Pieces” that provoke interaction. They inspire us with the wonders of nature. They give us Pride in the British Landscape. They brighten up our days and make us smile.

Vistas are suffused with delightful sunlight, elegant reflections and a three-dimensional quality that makes you want to step in to the scenery.

Sunsets are breath-taking and meticulously detained, with the texture adding depth and movement into what might otherwise be peaceful tranquillity.

Seascapes burst into life with the crashing of waves against the cliffs. Waterfalls splash with the crescendo of colour and power.

They are all illuminated with inspirational poetry, allowing you to delve into the depths of the brilliant creative mind. In both senses they are Strokes of Genius! Here you have the harmony of beauty and art that is made to be enjoyed.

As Ruskin argued, great artists must perceive beauty and, with their imagination and skill, communicate it. Here you see the perceived beauty together with imagination and skill and the accompanying inspiration that it conveys 

Each painting has been composed from real life using photographs. They are all oil paintings and come varnished. Some come framed (where indicated), while others you can select your own frame at your local framers to suit your home and particular preference.

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There are only 25 Signed and Numbered, Limited Edition Prints of each Painting. These are the same size as the Original Oil Painting and are delivered UNFRAMED. There are Two further size options, which will also be delivered UNFRAMED. Postage and Packing of £10 will be applied to the UK and £30 overseas. Prints are sent by Mail.

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You can choose to buy Limited Edition Prints, signed by the Artist, for the stated price. These are superbly high quality and as close as possible to the size of the Original, which will be delivered by post, unframed. There are 25 Limited Edition Prints for each Painting (where available).

Unsigned Prints are available in A2 and A3 sizes and will be dispatched once payment has cleared, by post, unframed. 

About Francis
About Francis

Francis Salvesen has loved painting since childhood, winning the Art Cup at school in Edinburgh. He used to leave the latch of the art room windows open and nip back during his free time to spend hours continuing the paintings he was working on! There were few formal lessons in how to draw or paint, so what you see is a rare example of a self-taught artist. Throughout his life, Francis has surrounding himself with portraits of his friends and enjoyed painting large and detailed pictures as gifts. For the last few years this painting activity has been frenetic, from dawn till dusk.  Other business and intellectual activities have been squeezed into the canvas-stretched day! Francis is one of those unusual artists who is good at both arts and sciences, playing the piano by ear, composing poetry, writing letters and even a published book, and at the same time a ‘Masters standard’ expert on business and a graduate of Economics and International Relations.  He was the 'ideas man' who created a mobile smartphone 'blackberry killer'; innovating and persevering in the development of two windfarms; presenting projects all over the world on mobile banking and immersed in policy generation for the UK, particularly in trade. Oh, and he co-founded one of Britain's most successful theatre companies!

What you see in his paintings is the love of aesthetics – the beautiful, natural surroundings that are reflected epitomise the love of life and appreciation that we live in a beautiful world and, indeed, that art can create happiness.