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Berkshire Bluebells
Berkshire Bluebells Berkshire Bluebells

A countryside walk: what a breath of fresh air! 
I pause by the side if the pathway and stare.  
The trees and the meadows and hillsides beyond, 
Behind me, a field full of sheep and a pond. 

And up in the sky there’s a cloud like a face 
Which is not quite projecting and not quite in place 
But is seems to be blowing a fine salt-sea scent 
Which is such a relief, yes indeed, heaven sent! 

I can’t smell the bluebells, but scattered around 
They carpet the avenue and don’t make a sound. 
Not totally silent: some chirps from the birds 
A chaos of high pitches, perhaps in bird words 

A musing of sight and sound, sunlight and smells; 
The waves from the beauty of nature, in swells  
Of delight, and delighted I walk on my way 
Full of joy, but perhaps I should stand here and stay.

Dense wooded glade with ivy, in Berkshire, in the English spring, with orange tulips and daffodils and many bluebells.

All Limited Edition Prints are signed by Francis Salvesen - Printed as Gicleé Prints Printed with pigment based inks on high quality archival Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Berkshire Bluebells
Dimensions :
91 cm x 66 cm (Incl. frame)
Date & Material :
Oil on Canvas


The original of this painting has now been sold , but you can still buy a print.

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