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The White Cliffs of Dover
The White Cliffs of Dover The White Cliffs of Dover

This welcoming site, our Islands and Home
Tying hope and relief in great knots
Those chalky, white peaks bowing down to sea foam
For the English, Welsh, Irish and Scots.

The tide turns and storms may well batter our coast
The chalk in the dusk spells out ‘Freedom United’
Sallying forth, coming back from the war, we don't  boast
But we’ll fight back whenever we’re slighted. 

Our stoic resistance, our welcoming hand
Two strands of a great sense of humour
The subtle distinctions of 'mocking'  and 'fanned'
And somebody else spouting rumour. 

Eccentrical dressage and our twinkling eyes
A cautious reminder to those drinking bitter
Generations we’ve been here, seniority flies,
Though younger men may be much fitter!

Head up! Shoulders back! Stomachs in! Legs astride! 
We’ll all play our part, thin-read lines for the Skittish
It’s not just a matter of Public School pride:
We are wonderfully proud to be British!

Encouraged cliff-cricket, for life is joy's length 
As you look at the White Cliffs of Dover
A hipflask of whisky, rekindle your strength
We British will bowl the world over!

The White Cliffs of Dover, made world famous by the ‘Bluebells’ Second World War song by Vera Lynn, are part of the North Downs formation. It is the name given to the region of English coastline facing the Strait of Dover, the particular part of the English Channel that is the closest point between England and France. The cliff face, which reaches a height of 350 feet, owes its striking appearance to its composition of chalk accented by streaks of black flint.

All Limited Edition Prints are signed by Francis Salvesen - Printed as Gicleé Prints Printed with pigment based inks on high quality archival Hahnemühle Photo Rag

The White Cliffs of Dover
Dimensions :
65 cm x 75 cm (Incl. frame)
Date & Material :
Oil on Canvas

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