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Faerie Glen
Faerie Glen Faerie Glen

Faerie Glen

The Faerie Glen where Fairies dwell and fly amongst the giants
The  Highland fen where legends tell of heavens Gods defiance
The Tower Rocks and path to reach and reaching, getting nowhere

The mystic clocks and staff to teach and teaching without care.

The trodden dish of natures stretch and feast of living rock

The Trotternish of features sketch the beast of Balnacnoc
The clawing caves and secret fame of human wrack and ruin

The storms and raves of  reins that came to conquer Castle Ewan.

The Fairie Flag, Dunvegan's health and baby basked in life

The Royal Stag and Scotland's wealth in danger and in strife
The Mystic vow and rescue cloth, Macleod's Dunvegan Cup

The Freedom now in Peaceful sloth, and welcome stranger's sup.

The spikes and shards of granite stone, the seasoned face and claim

The Magical protection, hard, and planet grown, the well won race and name.
The Clan Macleod, a blessed Clan Chief and here the Fairie home

Protection ringing, shouted loud, the leaf of family trees to roam.

On the West side of Trotternish at Balnacnoc (which means - the village or township in the hills) above Uig, is the Fairy Glen – a Quirang-like landslip in miniature.

A delightful miniature landscape of grassy, cone-shaped hills, the Fairy Glen

(sometimes spelt Faerie) is a fascinating and otherworldly place to visit on a sunny summer's day. It is one of the Isle of Skye's most enchanting attractions, and slightly off the beaten track. 

Skye has a long history involving the Fairies, most of which is related to Dunvegan Castle and their ‘Fairy Flag’.Although nowadays it’s a colourful local legends in Skye, the belief in the existence of fairies, or “the little people”, goes back to prehistoric times. Originally thought to be evil, fairies were believed to live deep within the heather of Fairy Glen (or Faerie Glen), located on the north end of the island on the Trotternish Peninsula.

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Faerie Glen
Dimensions :
76 cm x 55 cm (Incl. frame)
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