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Jade In The Limelight
Jade In The Limelight Jade In The Limelight

A breath-taking glimpse at her balance and balance and poise
A snapshot, no movement, yet one of life’s joys
Those lines of great poetry seen, but not heard
Eloquent speechlessness, song without word.
Harmony joined at the hips in one gasp;
Fingertips parted, pinning the clasp
To our eyes, to our minds to our hearts, quite transfixed
Awe, the emotion so stirred while it’s mixed.

She holds our attention with effortless ease
The dream in a moment of dance, made to please
And excite and enthral and enrapture applause
And hold these at bay, just like Gravity’s laws.

Genius is harnessed and trained to perfection
Natural laws cannot break this connection
Beauty and talent are both rare and distinct
They prove inequality cannot be linked.

And all of us love to see brilliance displayed
Cheering us up beyond what can be weighed
Rightly we try, as we must, to be great
Making such luck requires work - not Just Fate! 

Hone then those talents you’re given at birth
Natural gifts that will startle your worth
Reach for perfection and never forsake it
Applauding those rare, perfect dancers who make it!

Jade Longley, an up-and-coming British Ballerina

All Limited Edition Prints are signed by Francis Salvesen - Printed as Gicleé Prints Printed with pigment based inks on high quality archival Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Jade In The Limelight
Dimensions :
65 cm x 91 cm (Incl. frame)
Date & Material :

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