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Dartmoor Wild Pony
Dartmoor Wild Pony Dartmoor Wild Pony

Dartmoor Pony 

This wild and shaggy pony breed

Has now become the landscape

A moving symbol of the park

And all you’ll ever need.


A  grown and wilder family pet

That runs whenever called

With sharp and bolting backward jumps

Unframe our ruled mind-set.


This beast that roams the seasons free

Shakes off the snow and rain

And eats whatever blades it wants

And lets the other roamers be.


Its bite and kicking natural charm

Disturbing when disturbed

It plays with its own mongrel kind

It owns the lands we will not farm. 


Our National Park that does not speak

Our Dartmoor darting pony

It plants its flag of truth and truce

Explore and take a peek.

The Dartmoor Pony is an iconic breed of pony that lives on Dartmoor England. They are a native breed of pony. Despite being wild, Dartmoor ponies have a kind temperament, being reliable, gentle, and calm.

Dartmoor Ponies been on Dartmoor for centuries, domesticated since 1500 BC, which is when the archeological remains have been dated to. The Native species were in Southern Britain around 3500BC. The first written account is from 1012 AD. 

Dartmoor is a particularly hardy breed with excellent stamina. 

The Dartmoor Pony was used in medieval times for carrying heavy loads of tin from the mines across the moor and many were used in the World Wars.

All Limited Edition Prints are signed by Francis Salvesen - Printed as Gicleé Prints Printed with pigment based inks on high quality archival Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Dartmoor Wild Pony
Dimensions :
75 cm x 107 cm (Incl. frame)
Date & Material :
Oil on Canvas


The original of this painting has now been sold , but you can still buy a print.

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