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There is little more uplifting that the sight of wheat fields in the sunshine, ripened before harvest. Those ears laden with grain, drooping in a bow. Perhaps it is the bowing and worshipping of the sun, or the many shapes and colours, chaotic but woven into a bountiful, natural tapestry. I doubt that we think of food, or loaves of bread, so it is the peculiar shapes and size of these stems, rather than fruit that makes our mouths water.
The colours of yellow and gold and soft browns are cheerful and light too, reflecting the sunshine. And the vast quantity of the crop in a field mesmerises, like staring into the flames of a fire: swaying gently in the breeze. It is a very comforting sight and a comforting feeling to be there, in a field of wheat, or close by it, gazing. It is one of those sights that makes you realise how beautiful the world is. 

Harvest Home
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