Misha Barton


Misha Barton rose to fame in the UK as the young, pretty schoolgirl actress playing Marissa Cooper in a Television series called ‘The O.C.’. As the main female actress in this ‘coming of age’ drama, she was very much the ‘eye candy’ both for the school boys in the drama and the audience, alongside a very capable, confident acting ability.

Following the three years of The O.C., with two ‘Teen Choice awards’. Misha had a number of years dealing with celebrity fame and riches, with a jet-set lifestyle and media-sensationalised weight-focus, crashing to arrest for drugs in 2007 and involuntary internment in a psych ward in 2009.

Her Career has continued with stage, film and TV series and despite legal battles with ex-boyfriends and even her own mother. Her focus is on her career but the climb in the Hills has already ended.

In many ways her story is that of many beautiful young women whose looks fade, and with them, their career, love-life, fame and fortune. Yet it is the vision of her stunning looks that remains, forever young, in the minds and re-plays of her film successes.

Misha Barton
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