Saving the Red Squirrel – reflecting hope


The Charm of this painting is that the Red Squirrel is on the opposite bank of the stream, gazing down into its reflection, yet it also appears that the squirrel is leaning down to pull a squirrel below out of  the water! In this way, we have the Red Squirrel’s future being reflected on and being saved.

Red Squirrels were once a common sight in the Great Britain but have been gradually out-manoeuvred by the larger, more aggressive (and less attractive) Continental greys. This is evolution in progress as we see one species wipe out another simply by being more competitive for food, stronger and more capably.
Red Squirrels can still be found in the Lake District and around Yorkshire, and through much of Scotland (particularly the Islands). They are found in both deciduous and coniferous woods in Northern Ireland in areas with plenty of hazelnuts, such as the Glens of Antrim.

Saving the Red Squirrel – reflecting hope
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