Spaniel Delight


Over a quarter of the UK population has a dog and another quarter own a pet cat.

It is an aspect of the British character that has a great regard for animals, enjoying the companionship. This also stretches, outdoors, to pet horses.

Some of these dogs are highly trained, from sheep dogs to beagles for hunting Spaniels are Shooting dogs that include are bred and trained to ferret out game like rabbits and hares and game birds like grouse, snipe, partridge and duck. They have soft mouths to retrieve rabbits and birds when these when they have been shot, so that they carry they carry the game back to their owners without biting through the flesh. This attribute also make these breeds of dogs ideal family pets, that will not bite and injure children.

It is an wonderful sight to see a gundog working, full of enthusiasm, obeying instructions from its owner as it hunts, sniffing birds that have fallen and retrieving them, often from far out in a loch.

Spaniel Delight
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