St Nectan’s Glen, Cornwall


St. Nectan’s Glen, near the mysterious Arthurian Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, sometimes said to be one of Britain’s “most spiritual sites”. In the sixth century AD Saint Nectan had a Hermitage above the waterfall and rang a silver bell to warn ships of the dangers of offshore rocks.

He believed that the marauding Romans were ravaging his faith, so before he died he vowed that unbelievers would never hear the bell and he threw it into the basin of the waterfall.

If the bell is heard today, bad luck will follow. Ghostly monks have been witnessed chanting along the pilgrim path as well as two spectral grey women, said to be St Nectan’s sisters who are buried beneath a large flat slab in the river, near the bottom of the waterfall. St Nectan himself is said to be buried in an oak chest somewhere below the river.

June 17th is now the feast day of St Nectan.

St Nectan’s Glen, Cornwall
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