The Pheasant is back!


One of the enduing sights of the British countryside, particularly in the winter, is the pheasant. Pheasants are not native to the United Kingdom. They were brought to Britain by the Romans both for food and as an attractive bird to see from their villas.

Pheasants originally come from China. These days they are bred in captivity for shooting, as they can be reared in pens and then spread out in woods and fields, yet do not stray too far from where they are fed. They then fly well in British topography, over trees and in all kinds of weather, providing excellent sport as they often move in unexpected directions and speeds. A pheasant has enough meat on it to feed three or four people and the ‘gamey’ flavour can be adjusted depending on how long it is hung before gutting and plucking. The tail feathers are often used in hats, while other feather can be used in cushions (though duck down, being softer, is preferred).

The Pheasant is back!
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