Windsor Castle (Finalist Royal Arts Prize 2020)


*This Painting was selected for the Royal Arts Prize, 2020.*

A glorious and comfortable home, Windsor Castle has been a Royal Residence from Saxon times, in the 9thCenturyAD. William the Conqueror build the first Motte and Bailey fortification from1070 to 1086, allowing easy access by river to London. It was used as a Hunting Lodge for the plentiful deer in the forests around it. Henry I and Henry II added to the construction, building the Round Tower and Henry III added more walls and the Royal Chapel. This is one of the key British Royal Mausoleums. Residential apartments for monarchs have been built and embellished by subsequent monarchs. It has commanding views over the Berkshire countryside and King John resided here often in his reign, when he was forced to sign the magna Carta at Runnymede, nearby.

There has always been considerable Royal activity at Windsor Castle, from jousting Tournaments to visits by Royal Monarchs from overseas. Edward III had a recreation of King Arthur’s Round Table, complete with 19 chosen knights from 1343-5 which resulted in the formation of the Order of the Garter, in 1348.

Windsor Castle (Finalist Royal Arts Prize 2020)
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