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The Imperturbable Hens and their adored chicks
The Imperturbable Hens and their adored chicks The Imperturbable Hens and their adored chicks

What is it about hens we admire? 

That bar-chuckling, noisy, chick choir! 

Watching, pecking up seeds while they waddle around 

Yet in every good kitchen their picture is found! 

Would I dream well, or sleep in less feathery beds? 

Would the cockerel be proud of the hen that he weds? 

Will I wake to the odour of bacon and eggs?

 Or choose between saucy mixed breasts or choose legs? 

An omelette of reasons? A fine chocolate mousse? 

Those chickens are tasty, but letting them loose? 

Free free-range is hampered by caged wire defence 

Lest foxes run mockingly in the past tense! 

The reason to brood, is that motherly love

 Which smothers the chicks all around

 from above It gushes affection; it sweetens inside

 The cluck of a mother is full of great pride!

 And love of the country, of nature, fresh air;

 The instinct of nesting, of feeding, of care;

 The food and the feeding all count in the mix 

And when the eggs hatch, it is all about chicks!

The common saying among chicken experts is "if it crows, it's a rooster; if it lays an egg, it's a hen," easily identifies hens and roosters. But sometimes birds are too young to crow or lay eggs. ... Roosters usually have tall, upright and larger combs than hens. If the rooster is young, he will have a more pronounced comb than female chicks of the same age. Roosters tend to have redder combs and wattles at an earlier age than those chicks of the same age. When mature, rooster wattles are very large when compared to hen's. Roosters often have showier plumage than hens. Their colors are often bright and vibrant. Many roosters have iridescent feathers that capture the light and show off beautiful blue and green highlights. If the bird has iridescent plumage, it is most likely a rooster.
The Imperturbable Hens and their adored chicks
Dimensions :
91 cm x 91 cm (Incl. frame)
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