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Viking Longboat
Viking Longboat Viking Longboat

Behold, with dreaded wonder, 
This sight of danger thunder! 
With eyeballs whitening;
Ears with lightning, 
Cleaving peace asunder

Silent through the night; 
Yearning for a fight! 
Without warning, 
daybreak dawning, 
Toxic fear and sheer delight!

Gone, but then returned, 
Lessons never learned
This deadly cough; 
Can’t pay it off
Respect must be, well, earned

Through purple haze, defence, 
From ditches and a fence. 
We can deny
And fortify
Then drive the Vikings raiders hence!

Yet keep, with pride, this ship
This lightning-sharpened quip
For stealth and speed
Are what you need
To quiver Anglo-Saxon lip

A bright but angry purple and pink sky in the sunset over the dark Viking Longboat, empty and moored at the foreground shore

All Limited Edition Prints are signed by Francis Salvesen - Printed as Gicleé Prints Printed with pigment based inks on high quality archival Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Viking Longboat
Dimensions :
93 cm x 73 cm (Incl. frame)
Date & Material :
Oil on Canvas


The original of this painting has now been sold , but you can still buy a print.

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Viking Longboat is available to purchase as a limited edition print or a standard A2 or A3 print.

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